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Three Ways to Build Community

Even though the heat of summer is unrelenting, it won’t be long until there’s a coolness in the air and our schedules take a beat before hurling into autumn. It’s time to step back, reflect, and spend time with those we value most.

Here are three ways to bring people together as fall sweeps in:

Pass the Plate. Nothing builds community quite like food. Throw a potluck dinner party and invite your social circle, or maybe host a neighborhood dinner party to meet those neighbors you’ve only waved to in passing. You could do themes for each party to encourage creativity, or even rotate houses and hosts to include people not directly in your social circle.

Look Outward. Get a group of people together to do good in your community. Volunteering together is a great way to create and strengthen bonds. Maybe volunteer at a local food bank, walk dogs at an animal rescue, or pick up litter. The feeling of helping your community will spread and not only fill your cup, but make your community a better place.

Gather Together. Connect with like-minded individuals to develop a meditation group. When we explore meditation as a group, it enriches our experiences and creates deep connection and meaning. In sharing how mindfulness impacts our daily lives, we can gather new ideas and help each other celebrate our challenges and victories.

Coming together with close ones after a busy summer is a nourishing way to reset and recharge as we head into fall. It encourages creativity, healthy mentality, and most important, lasting relationships.

Published on Aug 08 09 : 00 am