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Campus Ambassadors Program

Students today are facing complex challenges like no other generation before. We are excited to be launching a new program for college & university students to help them learn meditation practices, build community, and engage in social change.

Are you or do you know a student leader who is looking to cultivate a more meaningful life and make a positive impact in the world? We may have the perfect place for them!

What is the Campus Ambassadors Program?

The Campus Ambassadors Program offered by the Namchak Foundation is an incredible opportunity for students to harness their potential for leadership and compassion. This yearlong inner & outer change program gives students the opportunity to explore their life’s purpose while cultivating personal skills like emotional intelligence, empathy, and self-care in a community.

What you’ll gain from this program:

  • Join an inspiring community of like-minded students engaged in personal development and social change
  • Learn time and lab tested Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices that can decrease stress, increase focus, and improve overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Develop life and leadership skills for creating personal, interpersonal, and social change
  • Receive direct guidance and mentoring from Tibetan and Western experts
  • Make a unique contribution to ending the suffering of our interconnected challenges and create a world that works for all

Check out the full Campus Ambassadors program details here and apply or share with someone today!

Published on Jun 18 09 : 15 am