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3 Reasons to Volunteer This Holiday Season

When the busyness of the holiday season comes around, it can be easy to get pulled into the “hurry up!” that it brings. From checking things off our to-do lists, prepping for the holidays and attending parties, we can lose sight of what’s important: spending time and creating memories with those closest to us.

A meaningful way to create memories with those we love is by volunteering together in our community. Here are three reasons to volunteer in community this holiday season.

Build New Relationships. Volunteering brings together like-minded people for a great cause. You’ll meet people outside your usual social circle, both in fellow volunteers and those you’re helping. These can create new conversations and avenues for friendships once volunteering is over.

Enrich Friendships. Not only does volunteering allow you to make new friendships, it can help enrich existing ones. Coming together with friends to volunteer allows you to build comradery and work together as a team to accomplish a benefit for your community. There is something truly meaningful in doing good with those you love.

Feel a Sense of Purpose. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed that our only purpose during this season is to consume. Volunteering allows us to step aside from the consumerism for a bit and feel a true sense of purpose as we give and receive the benefits of volunteering in our community.

Are you volunteering in your community this season? We want to hear about it! Send us an email at [email protected] to share your volunteer story with us.

Published on Nov 07 09 : 00 am