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Improve Physical and Emotional Health with Meditation

At Namchak, students begin with three foundational meditations common to Buddhist practice: Shamata, Tonglen, and “Clearing the Stale Energies,” a short pranayama or “breath” practice that helps clear the mind for meditation.

Play the guided meditations below to get started. Or, find Namchak on SoundCloud® to stream the audio meditations directly from your phone.

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The Namchak Retreat Ranch is located near the town of Hot Springs, Montana in Garcon Gulch. Due to ongoing construction, the ranch is currently closed to the public. We anticipate the ranch opening for retreats in 2018.

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In this short video, Lama Tsomo and her students offer a led demonstration of “Clearing the Stale Energies,” a pranayama or breath practice that helps clear the mind for a meditation session. This unique video offers a three-minute animated demonstration of the technique, bringing the visualization to life and hopefully making the technique easier for viewers to learn.


In this 15-minute session, Lama Tsomo and her students demonstrate how to put three foundational meditation practices together into a Round Robin session. First, Tsomo leads a short “Clearing the Stale Energies” meditation, which is a pranayama or breath practice designed to clear the mind for meditation. Then, she shifts into a led Shamata or “Calm Abiding” meditation using ambient sound as a method of support. Next is a led Tonglen compassion practice of “sending and receiving” before the session concludes with a final led Shamata meditation.

Just starting out? Try this simple, five-minute meditation practice led by Lama Tsomo. Find a quiet place to sit in a chair or on the floor, press play, and begin to feel the benefits of meditation.

Press play and enjoy this seven-minute meditation from Lama Tsomo that helps cultivate compassion in the mind and heart.
Try this longer 10-minute guided Tonglen session for a deeper exploration of this traditional compassion practice, led by Lama Tsomo.

Try this simple eight-minute meditation from Lama Tsomo. In this easy-to-follow Shamata session, you’ll use ambient sound as a method of support to help calm and train the mind.

Try an eight-minute guided meditation from Lama Tsomo that’s suitable for beginners and long-time practitioners alike. In this Shamata practice, you’ll use a visual as a method of support to help calm and train the mind.