Guided Meditations

Improve Physical and Emotional Health with Meditation

At Namchak, students begin with three foundational meditations common to Buddhist practice: Shamata, Tonglen, and “Clearing the Stale Energies,” a short pranayama or “breath” practice that helps clear the mind for meditation.

Play the guided meditations below to get started. Or, find Namchak on SoundCloud® to stream the audio meditations directly from your phone.

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In this 15-minute session, Lama Tsomo and her students demonstrate how to put three foundational meditation practices together into a Round Robin session. First, Tsomo leads a short “Clearing the Stale Energies” meditation, which is a pranayama or breath practice designed to clear the mind for meditation. Then, she shifts into a led Shamata or “Calm Abiding” meditation using ambient sound as a method of support. Next is a led Tonglen compassion practice of “sending and receiving” before the session concludes with a final led Shamata meditation.

Just starting out? Try this simple, five-minute meditation practice led by Lama Tsomo. Find a quiet place to sit in a chair or on the floor, press play, and begin to feel the benefits of meditation.

Press play and enjoy this seven-minute meditation from Lama Tsomo that helps cultivate compassion in the mind and heart.
Try this longer 10-minute guided Tonglen session for a deeper exploration of this traditional compassion practice, led by Lama Tsomo.

Try this simple eight-minute meditation from Lama Tsomo. In this easy-to-follow Shamata session, you’ll use ambient sound as a method of support to help calm and train the mind.

Try an eight-minute guided meditation from Lama Tsomo that’s suitable for beginners and long-time practitioners alike. In this Shamata practice, you’ll use a visual as a method of support to help calm and train the mind.