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We offer ways for students at every level to learn and practice meditation in the Namchak lineage. Beginning students can access guided audio meditations for foundational practices common to all forms of Buddhism: Shamata or “Calm Abiding,” Tonglen or “Sending and Receiving,” and “Clearing the Stale Energies,” a pranayama or "breath" practice that helps clear the mind in preparation for meditation.

Guided Meditations 

Always Smiling

An Introduction to Tibetan Buddhist Practice

Sign up today! Taught by Lama Tsomo in her accessible and playful style, this eCourse is designed for people curious about meditation and its benefits. Students will receive an introduction in Buddhism, gain access to meaningful self-reflective exercises, and be introduced to meditation practices that have been used for thousands of years. 

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Read our Learning Circle Toolkit and get simple and fruitful tips to help bring friends and family together for learning and practice. For more experienced students, we’re offering a non-residential learning program called Ancient Wisdom Engaged that offers an opportunity for a deep introduction to Vajrayana practice. We’ll also offer Western-style personal leadership skills and experiences. 

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Find Namchak on Soundcloud® to stream these guided meditations directly from your phone!

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Why Is the Dalai Lama

Always Smiling?

An introduction and guide to Tibetan Buddhist practice by Lama Tsomo

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