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As people begin to see how overrated FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is, and as the term itself becomes a bit of a silly and self-deprecating meme, people are replacing their fear with happiness and their social media updates with screen-free times.
Published on Jan 24 2:25 pm
The fresh beginnings of a new year can help provide focus and clarity to our goals.
Published on Jan 17 4:21 pm
A few recurring symbols you might notice at Namchak…
Published on Jan 08 5:54 pm
Everyone is a leader.
Published on Jan 03 8:57 pm
Does the way we eat matter as much as what we eat?
Published on Dec 27 2:07 pm
Want to maximize your enjoyment of the holidays this year? Here are some resources for handling the diverse array of obstacles that can get in the way of that goal.
Published on Dec 20 4:59 pm
Self-compassion is the basis from which we draw compassion for others, but it can be tough to cultivate.
Published on Dec 13 2:52 pm
Three reasons why you may want to consider a Learning Circle as a way to strengthen your practice.
Published on Dec 06 4:11 pm
Gratitude. We hear about it all the time in social media and from our friends and colleagues. But with our minds so focused ….
Published on Nov 22 10:27 am
Everyone deals with difficult people in their lives – teachers, colleagues, bosses…even friends and family. With so much practice, one would think dealing with the unpleasant encounters would become easier….
Published on Nov 15 6:02 pm